10 Reasons You Should Build a Compost Pit at Home


Composting is a great way for everyone in the household to contribute to ‘green’ efforts, and it’s ridiculously easy. You don’t need special equipment or elaborate bins, just a little space and maybe some worms. This could be your year to start composting.

Here are 10 Reasons You Should Build a Compost Pit at Home:

It’s simple

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Composting is the biological process of composting, which is basically just piling together organic matter that will eventually turn into nutrient-rich soil that can be used to fertilize your lawn or garden.

It saves you money

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If you have a yard, you can save money on water usage by diverting some of your wastewater to irrigate it instead of using bottled water to do so. You’ll also find yourself spending less money on fertilizer because all those dead leaves and grass clippings are full of nitrogen that helps nourish the soil naturally.

It’s good for the environment

A compost pile absorbs carbon dioxide from the air while providing rich nutrients for plants to grow in our gardens and yards. This is why it’s important for everyone to compost, not just those with large properties.

It’s pretty easy

All you need is something like an old trash can or even a garbage bag, some lawn clippings and dead leaves, and maybe some worms if you want to get fancy about it. Just dump the organic matter in your bin or pile, cover it up with either fresh grass clippings or dirt every once in a while, and let nature do its thing.

We all produce yard trimmings

So it doesn’t take much effort at all to set up a compost pile in your backyard. Many municipalities will even give away free wood chips when you’re doing landscaping work on your property because they’re essentially landfilled gold.

It’s a great way to raise kids

Composting is a really hands-on, easy project that the whole family can be involved in from start to finish, and have fun with! You can even put your pet’s poop into it as well.

People who compost are awesome

In fact, there are some communities that will even give you prizes for starting a compost pile at home. You could win free soil or a discount on water bills! In any case, you’ll be contributing to the community as a whole.

It’s good for your garden

As mentioned above, all those dead leaves and grass clippings provide nitrogen-rich matter that will help your plants flourish. And if you’ve got one of those composters with worms, then you can turn that into nutrient-dense “worm tea” to use as a natural fertilizer that won’t burn your plants.


A compost pit is a very simple and easy method for composting, and it’s a great way to get the whole family involved in an activity that contributes to the environment as a whole. If you’re someone who is interested in saving money on bills, caring for your lawn or garden, and getting involved with your community, then composting may be just what you need.

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