4 Easy Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Lively With These Kitchen Garden Design

kitchen garden design

Nowadays, the kitchen is not just a place where only cooking happens, but the trends say something else. Kitchen gardens are the popular theme that you can choose for your kitchen to enhance its overall look by growing herbs, berries, and vegetables that ensure that you are eating pure organic veggies without any adulterations. This article is about kitchen garden designs that will help you to decorate your kitchen. So let’s begin with a few tips that you should keep in mind for kitchen garden designs.

Few Tips For Kitchen Garden Designs

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Create Your Own Herb Garden

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Most of the herbs that we grow are very low maintenance, don’t take a lot of space, plus they add aromatic fragrance and look pretty as well, so they are a quick win in the term of enhancing kitchen garden designs. For the kitchen garden designs, go for the easiest herbs like Rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, mint as they don’t require a lot of care; you can just literally leave them to get along with the most basic soil. Basil, parsley, and chives have purple pom-pom flowers that are likely to grow in moist conditions but are still easy to grow in your kitchen garden designs.

Grow Lush Berries

Homegrown berries are a million times better than what you find in supermarkets. Warmed by the sun and picked straight from the bush grown in your kitchen and then eaten straight away. They are extremely easy to grow once you find a sunny spot for them. You have to be a little picky to choose soil for your berries, find a rich compost for it, and protect them with a cloche if it’s very rainy. Another tip for kitchen garden designs to grow berries is to grow them in a raised bed for easy maintenance, and they will produce plenty of berries at first.

Use Vertical Space

If the space of your garden, kitchen, balcony, or terrace is small, then think about growing it in an upward direction to get the most out of the space. You can grow vegetables in this way, making a tree trained into a fan shape with wires that will happily scramble up a sunny wall or fence. Try a fig tree if you happen to have a particular spot that happens to be sunny. For example, to help you out, brown turkey is most common, and Violetta and Brunswick are popular as well.

Choose Crops That Look Good Too

Since we are decorating the kitchen with these kitchen garden designs and the kitchen where you cook food for the family, the place should be clean as well as hygienic. With this, it is very important to make sure that the plants you are picking for kitchen garden designs to decorate the kitchen look good too and go well with the theme of your kitchen and make it lively.


These were few tips for your kitchen garden designs to make your kitchen look more aesthetic and lively. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you to collect ideas for kitchen garden designs to decorate your kitchen. On that note, you were signing off by saying happy cooking and happy health.

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