All About Vegetable Garden Fence Ideas For Your Own Garden

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A Fence is a practical way to protect your vegetable garden against unwanted obstacles, and also beautify your outdoor space. There are a lot of ways fences can be built one can also incorporate garden walls, flower beds or can be made of bamboo or lattice that’s sure to attract attention from visitors. Fences can add a lot of personality to your house and can distinguish your house from all the others in the neighbourhood. It can be hard to pick a fence based on which is cost effective, easy to build and of course based on your need, as there are a lot of options available on the market. Hence, here’s a comprehensive list , where you will find a fence that’ll suit your needs and that’ll  look good in your house as well!

A Few Vegetable Garden Fence Ideas

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Modern Black Fence

To add a dash of modern touch to your otherwise boring vegetable garden, install this Black Fence. It also has a layer of chicken fence to keep your garden protected from animals.

Rolled Bamboo Fencing

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Use Bamboo to fence up your garden. It fits perfectly in while giving off a beachy vibe to your house that your guests are sure to enjoy. While you wouldn’t want Bamboo trees in your garden this fence is sure to prove a valuable addition to your home!

Classic White Archway

A vintage white picket fence along with a mix of vibrant flowers makes for a perfect cottage-core setting. The White Archway will look beautiful in your house, and  praises from your guests with regards to this, will never stop.

Overgrown Fencing

If you want to add an even more natural look to your fencing , you can let the creepers grow over and around it. Combined with the wooden fence the creepers and plants look luxuriant and add that extra edge to your house. You could also add ornamental grasses here, they would complement the entire setting very much.

Zig-Zag Fence

If you’re looking for something unique in the fence styling itself, go for Zig-Zag fences instead of the narrow straight fences. If you’re a quirky soul, this fence style is the perfect for you. 

Garden Fence With A Screen For Privacy

If you’d like a bit more privacy along with your fence you can install a screen to go with it. You can add potted plants or let the creepers go above and around the fence, if you don’t want the screen to stand bare.

Fenced Doorway

If you’d like to engage your guests with a small game of secrecy you cover the upper portion of the fence by growing Ivy all over it and add a door to the fence. You can also keep a small window with it, to give your guests a small sneak peak of your secret garden.

Weathered White Fence

This one’s again for the vintage soul in you. Use weathered and antique wood to achieve this style. The antique wood take you back to the nineteenth century and make for a beautiful addition to your home.

A Multipurpose Fence

You can repurpose your basic bamboo fence to add a garden. You can add shelves on the fence and keep small plants on it. This will work brilliantly if you have limited space in your backyard and will make it look quite stylish in the same breadth!

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