An Aesthetic Guide to Front Garden Ideas

The frontage of your garden is the first thing anyone sees and first impressions last. Front garden ideas are well worth the effort since it is the most exposed and visible part of your home. It is also where you will establish the theme of the rest of your yard. Here are some front garden ideas to consider.

Blend in with the Neighborhood

Every neighborhood has a personality. While it is true that uniqueness and individuality are desirable home attributes, you can go overboard. Taken to the extreme, you could be just weird or quirky. Try to blend in seamlessly with your street. When trying to be different, do it in an understated manner. Your garden decor does not have to stick out like a sore thumb.

Keep it Classic

To be safe keep your front yard short and formal. Keep it well-manicured at all times. A neat pathway leading to the front door is a classic feature that always works. It also creates an inviting and warm first impression.

Frame Your Front Door with Plants

An Aesthetic Guide to Front Garden Ideas

One of the simplest but elegant ways to ornament your front door is to flank it with two generous potted plants. This is a traditional accent used in many homes.

Arch Your Way In

An example of front garden ideas that recur in many homes is an arbor. This timeless garden element is always a quaint addition for any front yard. Most arbors usually have some kind of crawling vine that covers them. It makes a perfect entryway to the home.

Hedge Your Property Front

An Aesthetic Guide to Front Garden Ideas

A good hedge serves a dual purpose. It announces where your property begins, but does so without antagonizing. Gated, fenced properties give-off impressions of isolation, aloofness, and snobbery. A hedge, on the other hand, is warm and friendly. If you live in a safe neighborhood, go for a nice hedge.

Use Climbers

Another nice front garden idea is to use climbers which add a classic appeal to any home. Ivy, Alpine, Jasmin, Clematis or Climbing Hydrangea are excellent choices for dressing-up bare fences, walls, or accent arbors. They give an instant vintage look to your house, creating an aura that your home has been around.


A driveway will usually lead to a garage, with a patch of lawn on either side or both. Add lighting by the side to outline the driveway path. It is both a practical and functional accent. There are many lighting fixtures in the market designed specifically for this. You could also opt for solar lights.

An Aesthetic Guide to Front Garden Ideas

Place a Love Seat Swing

Front garden ideas will more often than not incorporate a nice garden swing in the front. These inviting love seats are usually a favorite spot for children. A front garden swing almost always becomes the centerpiece or gathering spot for the family.

Front garden ideas are countless. One can either choose from the many themes and concepts that exist, or you could create your own. There really are no rules for front garden ideas. Just be guided by the impression you wish to convey, and what is aesthetically suitable to your frontage.  

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