Easy to Assemble and Maneuverable! Sturdy and Comfortable Handle Which Is Easy to Push Around a Lawn

A lawn is a prime feature of every home ground, whether you have a small lawn or a big lawn garden it needs to maintain to enhance the beauty of your house property. Maintaining and cleaning lawns is necessary for productive work to clean lawn areas on average. As grass is a hardy and fastest-growing plant, it is difficult to maintain. It needs to mow the grass shorter regularly in the lawn area to make it look attractive.

Who doesn’t want the lawn area green and clean?

Thus, it’s important to take care that you need certain tools or equipment for properly maintaining the lawn. Lawnmower comes in different types, but for a small lawn or for small usage lawnmower tools are hard to get. Here in this article, we’re introducing a portable 3.6V Rechargeable 2in1 Lawnmower/Hedge Trimmer for making your work effectively easier.

3.6V Rechargeable 2in1 Lawnmower/Hedge Trimmer

There are many options of garden tools available for cleaning or mowing lawns, they aren’t great tools to maintain a small area of lawns. Many big lawn trimmers are available in the market, but the ideal small lawnmower works great for small areas. 

This amazing, portable yet long-life rechargeable is the ideal tool for trimming small areas of lawn. Unlike any electric-powered lawn trimmer, it does not attach with a cable wire. It is easy to operate in small sites and feels lighter than any other lawn trimmer. The benefit of the 3.6V Rechargeable 2in1 Lawnmower/Hedge Trimmer is they offer a cordless trimmer to avoid trailing cables. It is much quieter during operation. 

So don’t waste your time and get this useful compact lawn trimmer tool for your garden lawn and start mowing the narrow lawn areas effortlessly.

Buy your 3.6V Rechargeable 2in1 Lawnmower/Hedge Trimmer today.


  • Power Source: Electric Hedge Trimmers
  • Length Of Blade: 90mm
  • Model Number: W125015A
  • Scissor Type: DUAL


  • It is easy to use and lightweight.
  • The compact design makes it ideal for all small gardens.
  • It is a cordless, hassle-free product and it has the ability to cut grasses from narrow areas. 
  • Safe to use and provides high-performance in mowing lawn. 
A close up of a green background


  • Difficult to tall grass and 
  • It is not suitable for medium-large lawns areas.
  • Need to recharge beforehand.


You should be able to find out the requirement you have and choose the lawn trimmer accordingly. Cordless lawn trimmers are always best for trimming the lawn grasses. It is because it can be used anywhere on a lawn, according to the requirement. This lawnmower machine allows running for at least five hours without stopping, by recharging for one hour. If you want a durable and portable lawn mowing machine, then definitely get this for your beautiful garden.

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