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como botanical garden

If you are planning to build or design a botanical garden in your backyard, it will be good to know that Como is one of the best cities in Europe. With the warm weather and clean atmosphere it offers, you will surely love staying in this charming town. The beautiful gardens are another reason why you should move to this beautiful place. You can take advantage of the wonderful summer seasons to relax and enjoy. Here are some tips for you to have a more pleasurable stay in Como.

Como Botanical Gardens

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It is quite obvious why there are many tourists and visitors in this beautiful place. It is because of the many scenic views you can see from here. If you want to experience nature and have peace of mind, you should visit this place. This place has an amazing botanical garden. You will surely find something interesting in these gardens.

The Botanical Garden of Bom Jesus is one of the famous botanical gardens in Como. Here, you will get to view all kinds of flowers and plants with exotic color shades. Visitors can enjoy looking at different flowers during the day and admiring them at night. The main building is surrounded by many lighted areas and by night, you will be able to see the beautiful flowers.

In this park, you will get to see many exotic birds and mammals as well. You can also visit this park with your children or pets. The park is located near the Old Churches and St. Peter’s Church. The park is open during Monday’s and Friday’s from noon until three in the afternoon.

There are also many attractions in this park. You can start your visit by visiting the butterfly garden. There is a special area for butterflies where you can feed them and keep them safe. You can also visit the pond with a waterfall where you can see the different kinds of fishes.

Another attraction in this park is the bridge over the falls. The falls are really amazing especially during the summer season. If you want to buy flower seeds and plants from the Como botanical garden, it will be very convenient for you to visit this park. The flower shops are very close to the garden and you will not get far before you find what you are looking for.

In case you are a bird lover, you should visit the aviary. This place is very attractive with its beautiful birdhouse and bird feeding ground. You can also feed birds here before you go home. You can also visit the butterfly show where you will see different kinds of butterflies. The best time to visit here is spring. You will find a lot of butterflies during spring time.

You do not have to buy flowers and plants from the local store when you go to the Como botanical garden. You will save money if you buy these products from this park. You can also have a guided tour in case you are not aware of how to use the facilities. Thus, the park will surely give you a wonderful experience as you take home the beautiful flowers and plants from your home.

You will find a wide range of equipment and vehicles used by the gardener in this garden. If you are new to gardening, you can spend some time at the interactive section where you can learn more about gardening. There you will be able to watch how the experts handle the plants and other tools.

When you are done with the tours and learning, you can proceed to the flower showroom. Here you will find the latest innovations in gardening. If you are going to visit the flower showroom, you should plan your budget ahead of time. Otherwise you will be paying for lots of items which are not necessary.

End Note

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The park also has a museum which contains a lot of interesting artifacts. You can also view beautiful paintings in the museum. Other than that, you can also enjoy a picnic on the beach. There is a restaurant in the park where you can eat lots of delicious food. This restaurant is open all year round.

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