Famous Desert Botanical Garden Gift Shops In UAE

desert botanical garden gift shop

No matter if you are a resident or an expat here in the UAE, you must be familiar with the wonderful Desert Botanical Garden in Dubai. The garden is well known for its variety of plants and flowers that can’t be found in other places; it’s like a small oasis inside the desert. It is actually one of the best botanical gardens worldwide. If you love nature, then this particular location should be on your bucket list. However, what makes it so popular among tourists is definitely the desert botanical garden gift shops around! Let us give you insight into some of them.

Souq Madinat Jumeirah:

Botanical Garden

This place has several gift shops, but our favourite by far has to be the one inside Souq Madinat Jumeirah. If you want to shop at this location, then we suggest that you go here right after visiting the Desert Botanical Garden as it will take a while to get there. There are also other great attractions around such as the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah beach, so make sure to make a day out of it! 

The first thing that might catch your attention is its lovely facade resembling an old fashioned Middle Eastern house. The inside is decorated with lamps, carpets and photos of the region’s buildings to give you a better idea of how it looked back in the days. The shop is relatively small, but it has everything you need from traditional souvenirs to your everyday essentials. It is one of the best desert botanical garden gift shops in Dubai.

Al Qasr Rimal:

Botanical Garden

Al Qasr Rimal is another place that hosts several gift shops. It can also be found right next to Reem (Al Qasr Rimal’s restaurant). The name of this gift shop is Al Qasr Gifts and it has a small glass facade with “Gifts” written on top of it.

One look at this place and you will be blown away! Since decorating your home in Middle Eastern style usually requires a lot, Al Qasr Gifts will do all the hard work for you! This place has everything from carpets to cushions, tableware to bedsheets, bookends to vases. you name it! 

Ripe Art Gallery:

Now this location might be a little hard to find as you have to cross the road from Desert Botanical Garden’s entrance and head left until you see a sign that says “Kepler 22”. Then, just follow the signs leading you through an alley where Ripe Art Gallery can be found right next to The Observatory. Since it is so far away from all other gift shops, we suggest that you go here only if you have time for a longer visit or if you really love art! This unique gallery shows several paintings by local artists who try to convey their feelings on canvas. We know for sure that this place will entertain everyone!

Al Bawadi Gifts:

Not the most creative name on the list, but we feel like it deserves a mention here because there aren’t many gift shops located close to Desert Botanical Garden’s entrance and this one is definitely worth visiting! It is an open-air shop located right next to Al Bagga Mall which sells traditional Arabian clothes such as kandooras (men), abayas (woman) and thobes (man). You can also find decorative items such as fancy lanterns or small lamps. The prices are reasonable and the service is always with a smile on their face. 

Al Manal Gift Shop:

This closed gift shop can be found right next to the entrance of the Desert Botanical Garden’s Oasis section. We recommend that you visit this place after having a look around at all the amazing plants and flowers, especially if you are interested in gardening! This little store is filled with everything your heart may desire from garden tools to cactus pots, shrubs to decorative stones, they have it all! The prices are quite high, but it’s definitely worth buying something here for yourself or your loved ones back home. It is indeed the best desert botanical garden gift shop in Dubai for people who love gardening.

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