Garden Maintenance Fails And Cringes

Sometimes the overly enthusiastic because of their eagerness, run into careless mistakes. People who undertake garden maintenance are no exception.  This could be caused by an impatience for results, or perhaps just an overload of information. To help you achieve optimal results here are some common (and not so common) garden maintenance fails to be on the lookout for. Avoid them at all costs.

Learn To Be Patient

As mentioned in the introduction, impatience can be your enemy. First of all, it contradicts the very essence of gardening maintenance. Patience is the hallmark of a good gardener. Take your time to learn the attributes of your backyard. Is the soil rich or does it need fertilizer? How much sun do you get all day and where? What plant varieties thrive in the soil? There are answers to these basic garden maintenance questions, but you need to be patient to know them. Don’t expect a garden overnight.

Garden Maintenance Fails And Cringes

Drowning the Plants

Overly eager gardeners will have a propensity to over hydrate. Effective garden maintenance does not mean that you have to water excessively.  Too much water causes plants to rot. The best way to tell if you need to water is to check the soil. If it feels dry to the touch, then water. A good rule of thumb to follow is to water in the early morning and early evening during warm months.

Overcrowding the Space

If you gave yourself the time to know your gardening space, then you would not commit this mistake. It is crucial that you allocate enough space between your plants to allow them to flourish. A placement of between 18 -30 inches apart is good. Roots will have room to grow, air can flow freely, the sun can penetrate, and nutrients can be more equally shared.

Abusing Pesticide and Fertilizer

Again, overzealousness is the culprit here. Both pesticide and fertilizer are your allies in the garden. Effective garden maintenance is knowing when to use them. Only when you see evidence of diseases should you resort to pesticides. Likewise, confirm deficiencies in growth first before you apply fertilizer. Abusing any of the two is detrimental to your garden maintenance efforts.

Garden Maintenance Fails And Cringes

Planting Contradicting Varieties

Not knowing your plant varieties well could lead to some unpleasant surprises. For instance, some varieties get in the way of other plants. To be specific, varieties like English ivy and Mexican feathergrass could be nice to have but they are extremely invasive, if not impervious once they establish themselves. If you like plants like these it is better to relegate them to pots so other plants are not encroached on.

Know How to Weed

This is a garden maintenance mistake many of us are guilty of. Simple as it may sound, many untrained eyes make the error of mistaking plants for weeds. Again the key here is patience and the resolve to learn what you can. Educate yourself with plant appearances. Also do preventive measures like placing markers or labels so when things get confusing, you eliminate the guesswork.

At some point in our gardening escapades, we have all committed silly mistakes. Garden maintenance and learning the dos and don’ts is really an ongoing process. Learn what you can by educating yourself from the many resources out there. Also, try and connect with people who share the same passion for gardening, and spare yourself many rookie mistakes.

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