Molly Wood Garden Design – What You Must Know About The Garden Design

molly wood garden design

Molly Wood is well known as an inspirational and creative stylist, who produces very attractive gardens. Her designs are inspired by nature and wildlife, with a heavy emphasis on woodland creatures. Her eye-catching creations have won awards in the world of gardening and interior design. Some of her most stunning designs can be seen at her website, which you can also find below.

The Shady Knoll Pond is Molly’s first attempt at a garden pond design. It consists of three linked terraces which link to a larger lawn area. There are beautiful trees and flowerbeds framed by the large paving area. The pond is surrounded by a protective wall, designed to prevent deer from destroying the garden.

The Shady Knoll Garden pond is made from modular pots suspended from wooden trellises. Each unit consists of three bowls and a plant container, holding up a waterfall and a pump. The water flows through channels under the trellises and into a smaller pond on the lower level. The waterfall is visible from the pond. The waterfall emits water, creating an abundant water feature.

Seaside Patio Is Molly Wood’s Second Garden Creation

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Molly Wood’s second garden creation is entitled Seaside Patio. This design encompasses the patio area of her previous design, which was an ocean view garden. It is landscaped to replicate a beach and is surrounded by a fountain and two ponds. Both the ocean view garden and patio ponds feature waterfalls. The water cascading from the ponds features a gently gliding stream.

The third design in her Sea View Garden is called Moonglow. It is a landscaped garden surrounded by waterfalls, which meander off towards the sea. It is landscaped to mimic a moonglow. The waterfall has a series of waterfalls, flowing over stone ledges and pavers.

Her last garden design, entitled Twilight Pond, incorporates many of the ideas from previous garden designs. It is landscaped around a series of waterfalls that meander off towards a waterfall, creating a gentle flowing stream. The pond itself is surrounded by a fern and four different types of plants. It is designed to recreate an Asian-themed garden.

Some Important Things To Know

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As with all of Molly Wood’s garden designs, her attention to detail is clearly seen in every aspect of this garden. Each item is carefully placed to reflect a true Japanese garden. Each object is designed in such a way as to add beauty while still keeping with the Native American theme.

While it is difficult to imagine a truly comprehensive garden without these three garden designs, they are a great start to creating your dream garden. Other Native American themes are available, as well as Celtic and other European themes. Even a simple back yard can be transformed into a spectacular garden using these three garden design ideas. Before you know it, your back yard will be one of the best-kept secrets in your neighborhood. You just may surprise some of your neighbors by turning their backyards into gardens!

Everything Is Made From Natural Materials

If you have never had the pleasure of viewing a Native American garden, then you are definitely missing out. Nothing compares to the artistic beauty of the Native American style of garden design. In fact, many Native Americans to create their own gardens, using the most natural materials possible.

When it comes to the materials used in the creation of these gardens, everything is made from natural materials. Rocks are naturally shaped and colors are found in nature. The use of natural products truly makes Native American gardens stand out.

Once your garden is completed, there are a few maintenance tips that you should follow to keep your garden looking its best. Water is your friend! Keeping your garden regularly drained will help your plants thrive. Remove any fallen leaves on a daily basis. Mowing your lawn will help keep it looking neat, and it won’t be so hard to do!

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you will spend some time planning your Molly Wood garden design. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from. Take your time, and don’t be afraid to take chances. Native American gardens have a way of bringing life back into your life. You may even find that you have a new and unique piece of art as a result of your garden design.

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