Most Creative Garden Cake Decoration Steps For Beginners

garden cake decoration

Nowadays, garden cake decoration is becoming the first choice of cake lovers. Its appealing design is sufficient to allure anyone. The step that we are going to cover goes well with all types of garden cake decorations. Let’s begin with the steps after baking and stacking.

Outer Frosting 

Cake Decoration

We assume that you have baked the cake and done with cutting, sprinkling with sugar syrup, and stacking them with the first coat of white whipping cream. Now, for the lower one 

(8-inch cake), to apply the outer layer of frosting in buttercream, add desired gel food color to it. (preferably light blue) First heap on the buttercream and then smooth it all out with a frosting scraper. Once it is nice and smooth, bring the extra frosting towards the center. Refrigerate for around 20 minutes until it takes shape and becomes stiff. 

Now, do the same with the 6-inch and 4-inch ones (middle one and upper one respectively). 

Fondant Decorations

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Roll a brown fondant about 3 mm in thickness. Then take a wood grain sort of embossing panel, place it on the rolled fondant, press it firmly to replicate the pattern on the fondant. Cut it down according to the required size, but make sure that the height of both strips is the same. Cut these strips horizontally in 4×1.5 cm dimensions. Make one side of these small strips pointed with the help of a heart-shaped ring cutter or a simple knife. Do the same and prepare a fondant strip of 1.5 cm width and length equal to the periphery of an 8-inch cake.

Now, take a pink fondant and cut out butterfly shapes using a butterfly cutter. Similarly, make the bees with the help of yellow fondant balls, pink and grey fondant sheets. Draw a design on the butterflies and bees with the help of an edible black marker. If you are preparing this cake for a birthday purpose, cut the number using your desired color of fondant. Make a mushroom using the yellow fondant.

Stacking The Cakes

This is the final stage of your garden cake decoration. Place the 8-inch cake on the tray and insert 4 paper straws making a square shape into it. Now, place the 6-inch one and do the same with it. Finally, it is the turn of a 4-inch one. Between two cakes, don’t forget to put some frosting. On the curved surface of the middle one, stick the number digits. Similarly, on the curved surface of the lower one, stick the brown fondant strips. Take the long fondant strip and grease its back with water, stick it on the previous small strips to make a fence. Put small heaps of green cream around the base of each cake using a piping bag. On the topmost cake, place the mushroom in the center. Place butterflies and bees randomly where you wish. 


The first two steps are simple but in the third step, you need to be careful. It may be time-consuming if you are a beginner, but for a special occasion, you must try it.

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