Odd But Useful Gardening Tips

Gardeners are a fun bunch. They are also extremely creative. Bourne out of this creativity comes a spirit to experiment; an outlook and daring to try something new.  Behind every gardening tip there is, exists an audacious gardener.  Here are some odd, maybe even strange gardening tips that nonetheless yield positive results.

Let’s Talk it Over

Perhaps one of the oddest, but common gardening tips anyone has heard of is talking to plants.  Strange (though harmless) as this may be, there appears to be some benefit.  Studies and many personal accounts (although not scientifically documented) claim that plants exposed to chatty owners reacted positively with growth. There is also some nominal evidence that suggests seed germination is bolstered by loud speech. For what it’s worth, at least it seems safe to indulge in a little idle talk in the garden.

Odd But Useful Gardening Tips

Care for a Pint?

Gardening tips like this one will surely have folks rushing to the nearest pub. Beer apparently has a twofold purpose. First, it acts as a potent liquid against slugs and snails. It turns out that these slimy crawlers are attracted to the smell of beer. Rather unwittingly they drown in it. Trap them using small diameter, shallow containers filled with your favorite lager. Place these containers around your plants and watch the slugs and snails fall for the trap. Second, beer can be used to create a useful fertilizer concoction. The brew is comprised of half a beer can mixed with one tablespoon of Epson salts and two tablespoons of fish emulsion. Use this beer elixir for watering your plants. They say the plants respond with resplendent growth.

Try Some Numerology

The numbers are in! In an odd and even scheme, odds are… an odd scheme will work better (for aesthetic purposes that is). It is purported that visually, odd-numbered clustering of three, five, seven, nine and so forth appear better balanced. Gardening tips such as this one is borne out of the belief that odd-numbered plant clusterings in irregular patterns best simulate the natural occurrences of plants found in natural environments.

Odd But Useful Gardening Tips

Cinnamon to the Rescue

Fight of moldy fungal infestations with good old cinnamon.  Gardening tips of this nature are brilliant in their simplicity and use of organic substances. To substitute fungicides create a cinnamon spray that is a potent antibacterial and antifungal dual agent. Simply place some cinnamon in water and allow to steep overnight. In the morning, purify the water with a strainer. Place the water in a spray atomizer and you are armed with a potent fungus killer. 

Relieve Yourself Outdoors

Hold it! For the backyard, that is. Yes, your urine could still be ‘repurposed’ one more time in the backyard. While no one is looking, and when other circumstances permit, urinating in strategic parts of your garden is beneficial.   Urine contains urea, which soil bacteria can breakdown into ammonia.  Ammonia contains nitrogen which is absorbed and used by plants. Nitrogen is also required for photosynthesis.

Gardening tips could run the gamut, from the sublime to utterly ridiculous. Still, at the end of the day, we sift thru all sorts of advice and discern what is helpful. Whether odd, silly, ridiculous or even weird, gardening tips are worth practicing as long as they introduce ease of effort, provide some measure of economy, and deliver results.

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