Small Garden Ideas You Can Do Yourself

There are so many small garden ideas these days because space is such a premium. As areas for backyards become smaller, concepts to embellish tiny spaces draw much interest. Small garden ideas inspire creativity. There is also a growing mindset shift since these little spaces are easy on manpower. While a large garden is glorious, it requires intensive work. Diminutive size translates to low maintenance. So if you have a small backyard, then count yourself among a growing majority. Here are some easy-to-do small garden ideas you can adopt.

Think Vertical

Small Garden Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Small garden ideas that really stand out are those that go up. Vertical gardening is all the rage today, especially in urban planning. There are many types of plant braces and supports one can purchase these days that allow for vertical gardening. Line your wall with plants that rise upwards, or dress-up your fence with some flowers hanging by the side. Terracing flowers imaginatively is also a great idea.

Use Tools for both Décor and Functionality

Small Garden Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Since the rustic look is all the rage currently, you can use tools and other functional elements as part of your décor. Create an area where you can hang tools as accents in a corner wall. Transform a bench into storage space underneath so it also serves a utility purpose. Tools and other work items need not be out of sight. Just display them in a stylized way. They also make a statement that you are an avid gardener.

Make a Small Water Feature

Still or running water makes such a big impact. This is a small garden idea with popular appeal. Children always gravitate towards any water feature, while adults yearn for its Zen appeal. Consider a small pond either below or above ground level.

Small Garden Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Have an Area for a Herb Garden

Every modern household recognizes the value of fresh herbs in cooking. Why not grow your own herbs? They do not take up much space and in fact, can be cultivated in little pots. An herb garden is also a neat conversation piece when you have visitors. You can even grow them as gifts for special friends.

Use Small Plant and Tree Varieties

Proportion is your ally in when you think up small garden ideas. When you decide to populate your garden with plants, flowers, and trees, make sure to ask the folks at the nursery how big they get once fully matured. Be sure to have a sense of scale when you choose your greenery.

Have Minimal Varieties

Try not to be a hodgepodge of plant and flower varieties. Since your space is small, concentrate on a few select types of plants and flowers. Chances of people remembering your garden are better if you cultivate a certain plant or flower with conviction.

Small garden ideas today show that you do not need lots of space to express your outdoor creativity.  Modest garden space can be fun to design. These charming spaces are also more intimate and so much easier to maintain. From vertical flower arrangements to rustic storage elements, water features, and repurposed items. Small garden ideas result in beautiful, space smart living areas that you can retreat to in style.

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